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HubCouture ist eine Fusion aus nachhaltiger afrikanischer Stoffhandwerk und europäischer Streetstyle-Mode mit dem Ziel, Arbeitsplätze in Afrika zu schaffen.
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Human trafficking is a crime that shames us all. Trafficking in human being is considered the 3rd most lucrative illegal business worldwide and it is a crime that affects every country in the world, either it may be the country where the victims come from or the country they are transported through or the end destination where they are exploited like in the case of Germany, Austria and many western European countries.

To be able to create a fair global structure, we must create inclusion for African middle and lower class. Direct inclusion, reducing every form of institutionalized bureaucracy that does not yield results for the vulnerable groups. Whilst governmental authorities on both ends – Europe and Africa, are trying to reform their partnership, we invite consumers, trade platforms, retailers to join us to create more opportunities for these enthusiastic African entrepreneurs and help us include them into the Global fashion retail structure.

Afrikanische Taschen

Pullstring bags, Shoppers und Rucksäcke aus Handgefertigte Batikstoff und hand gewobenen Baumwolle

Afrikanische Mode & Schal

Bluse, Jacke und Schals aus handgefärbte Batik.